Schedule of Altar Servers

December 2017

Saturday the 2nd
5:30pm +Joel Galarza Annie Galarza Isabella DeVos
Sunday the 3rd
8:15am +Leonard Johnson Casey Brabson Katerina Brabson
11:15am +Sydney Brooke Camryn Baker Nathaniel Darza
Saturday the 9th
5:30pm +Abigail Foltz +Sam Foltz Tabetha Vermette
Sunday the 10th
8:15am +Joseph Bradshaw Grant Gabrielski Greyson Gabrielski
11:15am +Kaitlyn Stamp John Stum Mary Katherine Stum
Saturday the 16th
5:30pm +Emily Hayden Alaina Hayden Isabella DeVos
Sunday the 17th
8:15am +Nick Doyle Eric Shatrowsky Evelyn Argeles
11:15am +Rose LoVecchio Joseph LoVecchio Marco LoVecchio
Saturday the 23rd
5:30pm +Joseph Bradshaw Giovanna Julian Rosella Julian
Sunday the 24th
8:15am +Leonard Johnson N/A N/A
11:15am +Sydney Brooke N/A N/A
Christmas Eve;
4:30pm +Rose LoVecchio Joseph LoVecchio Marco LoVecchio
6:30pm +Emily Hayden Alaina Hayden Tabetha Vermette
Monday the 25th
Christmas Day
12:00am (Midnight) +Jack Carver Molly Carver Emma Nguyen
10:00am +Christina Scott Danny Scott Sophia Scott
Saturday the 30th
5:30pm +Joel Galarza Annie Galarza Alyssa Dolina
Sunday the 31st
8:15am +Nick Doyle Vittorio Barberio Antonio Garisto
11:15am +Eden Bradshaw Will Bradshaw Nathaniel Darza
Monday the 1st of January 2018
"Solemnity of Mary, Holy Mother of God" and New Year's Day
10:00am +Kaitlyn Stamp Emily Schuessler Michael Schuessler

NOTE: If you cannot serve on the date and time you are scheduled, PLEASE make arrangements for a substitute. Responsibility is an important part of being an Altar Server since the parish depends on you coming when you are assigned. Sometimes it is not possible to get a replacement, but it is important to try.

Altar Servers may be scheduled more than once. If you know the future dates that you will not be available, please e-mail Susan Russell and let her know those dates. The schedule is published in the first week of the prior month.