Schedule of Lectors

December 2017

Saturday the 2nd
5:30pm Kathleen Berault
Sunday the 3rd
8:15am Jean Sebold
11:15am Maria Darza
Saturday the 8th
The Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary
7:30pm Kathleen Berault
Saturday the 9th
5:30pm Linda O'Donnell
Sunday the 10th
8:15am Moria Tressler
11:15am Carrie Hansen
Saturday the 16th
5:30 pm Carolyn Ritch
Sunday the 17th
8:15am Maureen Hudson
11:15am Mary Klausner
Saturday the 23rd
5:30pm Kathleen Berault
Sunday the 24th
8:15am Marie Thomas
11:15am Kevin Reilly
Christmas Eve
4:30pm Jean Sebold
6:30pm Kenn Floren
Monday the 25th
Christmas Day
12:00am Lauren Moltz
10:00am Kevin Reilly
Saturday the 30th
5:30pm Carol Constantino
Sunday the 31st
8:15am Bob Tressler
11:15am David Wilson Jr
Monday the 1st of January 2018
"Solemnity of Mary, Holy Mother of God" and New Year's Day
10:00am Marie Thomas