Knights of Columbus

Calvert Council, № 7870

Chuck Geisler, Representative to Pastoral Council

The Knights of Columbus is a worldwide Catholic Service Organization open to all Catholic men over 18 years of age and who are in communion with the Church. Calvert Council #7870 is the local representative of this organization. The Knights serve the Church, the community and the less fortunate.

Members of Calvert Council support St. Anthony’s in the various ministries of the parish. We sponsor the monthly Sunday Break- fast, co-host the annual Volunteer Dinner and support other parish events as well as respond to needs requested by the Pastor or parish. The Knights are active in many Liturgical Events, Devotions and Processions conducted at St. Anthony’s throughout the year.

We sponsor an annual Soccer Shoot Out for boys and girls (ages 6-18) and an annual Basketball Free Throw for boys and girls (ages 10 to 15). Calvert Council has sponsored a “Keep Christ in Christmas” Poster Contest and also recognizes the Altar Servers through awards and sponsorship to a Bay Sox baseball game.

Calvert Council actively supports the mentally and physically challenged of the community by hosting activities at Calvert Country School in Prince Frederick. The Council conducts the “Tootsie Roll” Campaign, which donates funds to this work in the local community. The Council also sponsors many dinner / dances open to the family and community.

Interested? For more information, please call our council home and leave a message or write to:
Knights of Columbus, Calvert Council #7870,
P.O. Box 28, North Beach, Md. 20714
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Ladies of Charity

Susan Wilson, Representative to Pastoral Council

Our Call to Holiness: Reaching Out to Those in Need

Who are the Ladies of Charity?
The Ladies of Charity are women dedicated to the mission of serving Christ in the poor. Women are invited to join our organization and experience the joy of sharing in this mission. Our outreach is based on our personal time, talent and responsibilities. We visit the sick and the homebound regularly. We pray daily for the sick, the hungry, the poor and the deceased.

What We Do
  • Provide birthday parties at local nursing homes
  • Sponsor baby showers for Birthright
  • Visit Saint Ann’s Infant and Maternity Home in D.C.
  • Cook and deliver meals to Project Echo Homeless Shelter
  • Run a weekly Food Pantry
  • Provide food for holiday meals (Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter); packed and distributed by parish volunteers

We invite you to make a personal investment of yourself to serve those in need. Search your heart and give the personal gift of self, time, devotion, love, sacrifice and perseverance in the effort to bring dignity and compassion to each person we serve.

Our motto is: To Serve Rather Than Be Served!
For information call: 410-286-7086
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Junior Ladies of Charity

Saint Anthony’s has formed a Junior Ladies of Charity for all young ladies between the ages of twelve and nineteen. This organization will serve God’s people in several areas of the community. The Program will teach:

  • Leadership & Commitment
  • Build Spiritual Esteem