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Stained Glass Window 1 Left Side

number 1 Reconciliation This sacrament is depicted in the “Power of the Keys” or the authority whereby Christ passed on to St. Peter and his successors the supreme jurisdiction over the Church. Refer to Matthew 16: 18-20. Christ became the one who possessed the power to open the door of the Kingdom of Heaven. Through the Holy Spirit, Christ has granted this power to the Apostles and it has been passed on to the ordained ministers in the Church.

Thurible or Censer This is a metal bowl with a perforated cover, suspended on chains, in which lighted charcoal is placed. Grains of incense are sprinkled to provide scented smoke used in liturgical celebrations.

number 2Holy Orders Center part shows the Sacrament of Holy Orders, reflecting the liturgical role of the ordained priest. The stole is a sign of the authority of the priesthood surrounding the chalice and elevated host. This signifies the changing of the bread and wine into the Body and Blood of Jesus during the Consecration at the Liturgy.

number 3 Diaconate – ordained ministry in the Church; the diaconate is received prior to ordination to the priesthood. The deacon is presented a stole (worn over one shoulder) and the Book of the Gospels. The role of the deacon is to assist the celebrant at Mass, read the Gospel, preach and baptize.

Anointing of the Sick This sacrament is given to those Catholics whose health is seriously impaired by sickness or advanced age. Through this sacrament, the Church comforts and supports the person who is suffering and continues the healing ministry of Jesus. The Oil of the Sick is used in this sacrament and the person is anointed on the forehead and hands.