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Stained Glass Window 1 Left Side

number 1 Water – being poured on person (baby) being baptized

White garment – Once we have been claimed for Christ through the water of life we are clothed in a white garment. This white garment, the Church, tells us is an outward sign of our Christian dignity. Once we have put on Christ, we are to always walk as His followers.

number 2 Baptism of Jesus by John the Baptist; Dove (Holy Spirit), the Holy Spirit symbolizes the purity of the soul after receiving the Sacrament of Baptism. We are baptized through the grace and peace of the Holy Spirit.

number 3 Chrism – Oils used for anointing: (OC) Oil of Catechumens, (SC) Sacred Chrism

Paschal candle – The Light of Christ is passed on to us in the form of a lit candle, which was lit from the Paschal Candle that was blessed at the Easter Vigil. We are called to be the light of Christ in the world and we are asked to keep that light burning brightly.